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The poker manufacturer tells you the size of the poker card
I believe a lot of people have had such an experience, that is, every time we celebrate a festival or a friend's gathering, we will always gather together to play cards. In ordinary leisure time, there are always some people who gather together and play cards in the chess room near home.
Although we now play poker game is passed in from abroad, but in Chinese is known, but in the high streets and back lanes in the notorious. And playing cards in our lives, has gradually become a habit. However, many people don't know what size they are playing cards. They think that the size of cards we play is the same. In fact, poker has three regular sizes. The following poker manufacturers tell you what three kinds of it!
One is normal, and the size is 8.7*5.7cm. The two is the wide card size, and the size is 8.7*6. 2cm or 8.8*6.3cm. The three is special specification, size 9*13cm, 9*11cm or 9*8.7cm. In the case of packing, a single, double or four pair can be selected. A deck of cards is 54 or 55.
And now, there are a lot of businesses going to poker plants for advertising poker. Print some information of your company on the top of playing cards, making this ad playing card not only be used as a tool for games, but also can be used as a way to publicize the business.
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