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Spades J represents the characters in the poker

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Spades J

Mr Gill (Ogier), the medieval epic "song of Roland" Charlie ii in twelve paladins (Paladin Paladin), one of the be six fairy blessing of the prince of Denmark.

The origin of J

J (JACK) originally with the KNAVE of poker (villain) a word, the word until the 1940 s in the UK and continental Europe also very popular in the use of the word. With JACK to replace the word KNAVE can quickly get the public to accept one of the reasons is the record or report card case, or when using abbreviations, or in the narrative process CARDS, you can easily use JACK J, the first letter of the word and the past, when use the word KNAVE, it is necessary to use Kn, if only K will cause confusion.

After the opium war in 1840, foreign poker as foreigners into China. When imported poker is mainly from the United States and Japan, Japan poker for cheap and popular. In 1931, the movement of the country set off a boycott of Japanese goods, advocates the domestics, industrial development, from Shanghai jin-sheng huang founded cui hua card factory, developed China's first batch of CARDS, the red lion card poker.

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