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Yiwu set up third Charity Fund
    By the Zhejiang Binwang poker Co., the title of the Yiwu Red Cross "Binwang poker charity fund" was established, the public welfare donation will continue for at least 5 years, the cumulative amount of at least 1000000 yuan.
    "Binwang poker charity fund" was established, "Binwang Poker" each sell a box Binwang poker, will donate money to fund a angle. This donation will last 5 years. This year, "Binwang Poker" commitment of at least 100000 yuan in donations, each year since the amount of donations will be not less than 200000 yuan.
    At the signing ceremony, vice mayor of Yiwu City, Yiwu City, Red Cross president, praised the "Binwang Poker" this one act of kindness. "Binwang Poker" Chairman Lou Qin Feng said: "we began planning for the foundation from last year, hope to bring more Yiwu entrepreneurs to participate in the cause of love to."
    It is reported, "Binwang poker charity fund" 70% of spending will be used to study, the remaining 30% is used to help doctors. The third charity fund this fund is also the city of Yiwu, the Red Cross, the first two are the "recover love medical aid fund" and "greatly fraternity student fund".
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