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More concentrated there are two
    Zhejiang Binwang flutter leading products "g Co. Ltd. Binwang" series of poker all adopt high-quality materials and unique technology, its stiffness, smoothness, folding, clarity and soft, comfortable hand feeling was out of the ordinary, has been the industry peer recognition and many users of all ages.    Company to "create the world good cards poker's most reliable transfer of the harmonious society, the entertainment culture" for the mission, not only for American Las Vegas world famous city entertainment production of special bashing grams, the rest of the world poker community stakeholders approval.
Why bashing grams to take these four kind of patterns as the cards of the suit, has always been saying a lot.
    Comparison of centralized view has the following two:
    One is the four kinds of representative at that time society four major industries, including the spades spear, a symbol of military personnel; the other one is the four kinds of sources in the European ancient divination by artifacts pattern, wherein the spades olive leaf, symbol of peace; the plum blossom is the clover, means lucky; square plate with diamond shape, symbol of wealth; and red for red, a symbol of wisdom and love.
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