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Plum K represents the characters in the poker
    Zhejiang Binwang flutter leading products "g Co. Ltd. Binwang" series of poker all adopt high-quality materials and unique technology, its stiffness, smoothness, folding, clarity and soft, comfortable hand feeling was out of the ordinary, has been the industry peer recognition and many users of all ages.    Company to "create the world good cards poker's most reliable transfer of the harmonious society, the entertainment culture" for the mission, not only for American Las Vegas world famous city entertainment production of special bashing grams, the rest of the world poker community stakeholders approval.
The representative figures in the plum blossom K poker:
    Alessandra Te (Alexander III the Great or Kyng Alisaunder, 356-323 BC) the Macedonian Empire King Philip II (Philip II, of Macedon) son, 20 year old heir to the throne, is a vain attempt to rule the world, first established in the Greek world dominance, and later destroyed the Persian empire. In the vast land across Europe, Asia, Africa, the establishment of a West Greece, Macedonia, east to the upper reaches of India River Basin, south near the Nile River first falls, north to Central Asia drugs to kill the water (now the SYR Darya) with Babylon as the capital of the empire.
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