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According to the inductive guest king poker species
    Poker types according to the induction
    Poker can be roughly divided into animal and plant species, sports, the military class, art class, clothing, advertising, bashing grams of shape is also varied, such as rectangle, diamond, hexagonal, round bar, wave shape, S shape, etc.. One of the biggest medium calendar is so big, the youngest only Matchbox half price expensive, a Jin Bopu mark 3000 yuan. According to Guinness world records, there is a pair of bashing grams of the highest auction price of $2530000.
    Multiple according to incomplete statistics, the domestic poker collectors are more than 10 people. The number of more than 2000 kinds of "major" about twenty thousand people, most of these people are bashing grams of collection "enthusiasts". The "world of poker the first person" say is Mr. Li Weigang, he has been in possession of bashing grams of more than 6000 species, a total of more than 3 vice. The popularization of cards let people of because of. Poker is a folk entertainment activities of the world, it will be knowledge and entertainment, ornamental, interesting, historical, educational com., favored by the vast number of poker enthusiasts and collectors. Consumers in the use of poker entertainment at the same time, both the growth of knowledge, also has been a time to enjoy the beauty.
    Cards are divided into four kinds: spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. However, people all over the world to our national culture of four kinds of colors to give different cultural explanation. The French will be four color understanding for the spear, square, Ding Xiangye and red; the Germans had four suits the understanding for the leaves, bells, oak fruit and red; the Italians will be four kinds of colors understood as swords, coins, crutches and glass; the Swiss four color understanding for the acorn, bells, flowers and shield; the English people will four kinds of understanding for the spade, diamond, and red clover.
    The four kind of pattern metaphor: why should take these four kind of patterns as the cards of the suit, has always been saying a lot. Comparison of centralized view has the following two kinds: one is the four kinds of representative at that time society four major industries, including the spades spear, a symbol of military personnel; plum blossom represent clover flowers, a symbol of agriculture; box represents artisans use tile; s hearts, a symbol of the priest. Another said that these four colors from the European ancient divination by artifacts pattern, wherein the spades olive leaf, symbol of peace; the plum blossom is the clover, means good luck; block a diamond shape, symbol of wealth; and red for red, a symbol of wisdom and love.
    Zhejiang Binwang flutter leading product "g Co. Ltd. Binwang" series of poker all adopt high-quality materials and unique technology, its stiffness, smoothness, folding, clarity and soft, comfortable feel significantly different, has been the industry peer recognition and many users of all ages. The company has "Binwang" bashing grams of trademark is the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of cognizance of well-known trademarks in China, is China's ten largest stationery brand. Company to "create the world good cards poker's most trusted, transfer of harmonious society entertainment culture" for the mission, not only for the United States, the world famous casino in Las Vegas production of special cards to get the world poker community stakeholders approval.
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