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Poker cultural implication
    Poker in the collection of cultural implication
    "Poker collection is a long process, need time to accumulate, don't be impatient, want to let nature take its course, destiny, no view, be in a calm mood, edge to naturally get". Me I was like my motto.
    Poker is to preserve the evidence of the way the heritage of human civilization, promote cultural exchanges, and cultivating humane poker collection, literally, collection: contains collection of information, looking for collection, the purchase of a collection of three links; reservoir: including the preservation of the collection, storage, learning, research. To sum up poker collection includes three meanings:
    Poker collection is a kind of cultural phenomenon, each pair of collection, carrying the rich historical and cultural information. The history of our country, culture can be a long history, has been retained, thanks to the dynasties of national and personal collection, so that future generations of organic edge to the excellent culture of the Chinese nation has a long history of five thousand years of learning, research and inheritance. From this perspective, bashing grams of collection is essential, not to inherit and carry forward the Chinese culture. Private poker of be just unfolding, this to protect and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture has played a complementary role with the museum.
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