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Collect the cultural implication in poker
    Poker in the collection of cultural implication, is integrated, is a rich and colorful content, when people collect hidden bashing grams, already and historical, social, human, political, economy and so on together, which also includes the bashing grams of culture, of culture and bashing grams of culture. Especially in the contemporary, a measure of whether the symbol of successful poker collectors, is to look at the culture and cultural input. An illiterate collection poker is only out of curiosity, no cultural input or pay, is impossible to have a collection of performance and research achievements. In fact, the cultural level poker collectors confer higher, bashing grams greater cultural significance. The reason why the research achievements, but also completely to the poker collectors cultural horizon, grade. When a person of culture of poker, it means that the people of culture culture, cultural collection history, culture collection culture "varieties". Cultural people with poker culture completely together. It can be said, there is no culture of the people, is a poker reserves is considerable, its significance is not big, its reason lies in poker culture do not show up in the collector body. Therefore, from a general sense, poker collectors are culture horizon and culture grade, this cultural horizon and cultural taste is not necessarily mean college or university culture refers to the culture, but as long as there is a certain cultural level, as long as willing to put the cultural quality in hobbies, this culture will increase as the nature, it seems that illiteracy is not possible bashing grams of. This is not to say that the culture of high people will certainly be able to set a good poker, but said that under normal circumstances, poker collectors have a certain culture, or that there is a certain culture, and even have a certain cultural horizon. As for bashing grams of reservoir volume, quality and bashing grams of research situation, that would be a different matter. But, to be sure, every cultural phenomenon, where the cultural "species", must have the corresponding culture to treat history also tells us that. Moreover, the collection culture is different from other cultures, because other culture is based on material as a carrier and transmission of cultural meaning, bashing grams of collection culture is different, the main difference lies in the people, is one of the cultural taste, not only the carrier of culture, and cultural phenomenon. It is for this reason, bashing grams in the collection of cultural achievements is rich and varied, especially in recent years, the national poker collectors bashing grams of research quite satisfactory, it is worth celebrating. Such as: wei-gang li "robot, the appreciation of the cultural connotation and historical value of collection, collection value of the robot g card, collect investment value of the cultural revolution on g, land level of the classification of the" China card ", "local card type", also provided the look from the "flapping, companies in the United States" China robot position ", the rain in the morning "China's new view on g card date (amended), Zhou Xingyuan tax and flapping, collection, JiChengBao" on strengthening the flapping g some thoughts on collection of the construction of the organizational mechanism ", Xu Zujiang "confused" limited ", lotus leaves the characteristics of China's early on g and collection, Shi Jinbo also talk about alien robot g card, Yang Chunshan it hundreds degrees where, Liu Fuchang "flapping grams of origin, Liu Qile" wonderful work with extraordinary fragrance Establish personal robot wonderful in qilu, tanaka g card collection reference "ten o 'clock, BaiXi lay" exploring the trajectory of robot g card production chongqing ", zhao introduction to the necessity of family robot g collection, p.72 Factory production history "and so on bashing grams overview.
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