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    Any results from that moment began, unfortunately, many people only focus on results itself, but often neglect the moment the most deep-seated reason, perhaps at the beginning is more important than the outcome, because the outcome is mostly to others evaluation, and start is the heart is already a long time of heart sound! In 2009, the day after the Spring Festival, a colleague from Hunan Binwang company Huaihua back to the company work, about his brother in the Spring Festival period to spend 2000 yuan to learn poker do "cheat" technology, later won 9000 yuan, no one care about this matter, but only a week later, the my colleagues to leave the company, the reason is his brother for the cards out of thousands, is lose the red eye poker found after a severe beating and hospitalization, matter to the chairman of the board Mr. Lou Qin Feng brought great touch, engaged in the production of more than 20 years he poker, deeply "cheat" Poker has violated the fair entertainment cards the rules of the game, the more serious impact on social harmony.
    From that moment, a sacred sense of mission arise spontaneously, so he went south Guangzhou, Changsha, north to Shenyang, West to Kunming, Changchun, Chengdu, after much investigation, he found that there are specialized wholesale "cheat" national many city and area of poker, and later through more understanding, the so-called "cheat" poker is that we usually use in entertainment ordinary poker, due to the lack of protection measures, some unscrupulous vendors easily open the packaging of poker, poker special knife or potion made into all kinds of signal, then the packaging recovery, and then sold to those who play good people.
    From that moment, he just know originally the play "cheat" Poker people make so much, and do of manipulation is so clever.
    From that moment, he didn't know that because of "cheat" poker is not integrity caused many disputes and hurt, he is more aware of the "use." the poker and damage to the country how many happy families!
    Since then, for the occupation of the mission, in order to ensure that consumers can fair, entertainment, he began to devote themselves into "God helps those who help themselves to develop, design and test work of anti cheat" poker,, after more than a year of efforts. And finally developed a Binwang ace "resist a thousand" series of poker, also is from that time, he had a sacred and beautiful wish, that is to change the business direction, operation and product upgrade, do Chinese good cards, do the world a good card, and the mission of the enterprise, to show flat platform of life to maximize the value of; to build the world's most trusted friends good card; transfer of harmonious society culture and entertainment.
    The sense of mission entrusted to the enterprise unlimited energy, the biggest reason is the sustained attention. In order to complete the mission, the company will be the focus of all forces Binwang, through extensive publicity and promotion, make cards reduction for fair, harmonious and the entertainment culture.
    Binwang ace series offer three big enjoy alone
    A, special anti cheat
    The poker packing using the latest no glue rivet binding technology, environmental protection, utility. Take a card when taking only from the mouth to take a card, and can not be restored. Selection of a Las Vegas Casino Poker itself USA dedicated the world's top poker black core paper. In entertainment are unable to penetrate a variety of light. The product from the inside to the outside has a thousand prevention design of professional integrity, ensure that your entertainment, fair competition, so as to solve your "thousands" of sorrow.
It is recommended that you buy the whole strip!
    Two, style diversity
    This product is not only the smoothness of unique, feel good. Use more exercise one's inventive mind each side 56 creative diversity, more entertainment than ordinary 54 cards.
    Three, exclusive exclusive
    The card structure and appearance of packaging has passed the State Intellectual Property Office to use the new patent authorization, enjoy entertainment, only belongs to you.
Patent number: 2009202003687